Customer Service & Experience Stars!

The BEST of the BEST
This page is dedicated to recognizing individuals who lead the way in providing exceptional customer experiences!  They are true Service Stars who create exceptional customer experiences on a daily basis. 
Ever since transitioning from the RSO team here in El Monte into dedicated, Tony has developed a tremendous amount of knowledge for all TMCS products.  He has made huge strides since his transtiion into client services and has delivered world class service across the board to not only his own clients, however his service partners clients as well.  Not only has Tony met all of his goals, however has exceeded them.  Tony continues to receive high praise from clietns and relatoinship partners for his self-efficiency and ability to priortize and execute his objectives in an organized fashion.  Tony is one of my top performers on the team and always leads by example.  He is a big resources and asset to the team, and TMCS.  He is a dynamic client service officer that thrives for success, and leads variosu initiatives for our team.

Tony Bautista
Wells Fargo

I would like to recognize Jennifer Edwards for leading the way in providing exceptional customer service.  I have personally had the opportunity to see Jennifer’s growth and development during my time on the US Corporate Banking Dedicated Team.  Jennifer has fantastic leaderhsip skills, a hard work ethic, and drive.  She is an amazong role model fo rthe team, and gains her appreciation from her team in her phenonel support and guidance through various inquiries and client needs.  Jennifer is counted on and often sough t after her wealth of knowledge and guidance in TMCS.  She is willingly to take feedback, strives fo rexcellence and is always willing ot take on a challenge.  She has adjusted her work erffectively through different leaderhsip styeles.  I am always able to relay on Jennifer’s efficient and effective ability to manage escalations, lead a specific initative or project and ensure it gets completed with flying colors.  Jennifer always exceeds my expecations and is focused on her personal development.  She is a huge asset to not only the team, but to TMCS as a whole.

Jennifer Edwards
Wells Fargo

Stacie Douglas is a Treasury Service Associate in Wells Fargo Treasury Management Client Services group.  Stacie supports a complex portfolio of clients who use a wide range of our products and services.  The delivery of service to her clients is of the highest importance, exceeding expectations with her response time and making sure her clients feel valued.  Stacie has been recognized by clients as well as the Treasury teams she support for her willingness to be proactive.  Stacie has led the way in client training by taking the initiative to schedule onsite product training for multiple clients.  Stacie identified trends in training needs and worked to organize trips to each of these client sites.  This work reduced the client inquiries and enabled the clients to be more self-sufficient.  Stacie works to find other ways to improve the service to her clients, this most recently has been through Service Consultations.  Stacie has completed 10 this year, Stacie understands this opportunity is not about meeting a number but about true value to her clients.  Stacie is currently working to support other CSO’s in the training of Service Consultations through the ongoing workshop in Charlotte.

Stacie Douglas
Treasury Service Associate 3
Wells Fargo

Karen Smith is a clerical associate in the Refunds Unit of the NYC Department of Finance.  Karen handles various tasks for our unit, such as assigning refund cases, inputting data for issuance of parking refund checks, helping with the mailing of refund checks, and handling returned checks.  Over the last six months, Karen has taken on more tasks, and she has handled these new challenges with determination.   Despite the many tasks that she must juggle for the unit, Karen is efficient and works extremely hard every day to serve our customers.  She consistently exudes team spirit and delivers excellent, quality work.  Her dependability, positive demeanor, and enthusiasm are valuable to the unit.  We are grateful to have her on our team.

Karen Smith
Clerical Associate
NYC Dept. of Finance

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As leader of the Gypsum US Customer Service team, Brad Nicholson faces each day with a passion and enthusiasm for great customer service. His positive attitude and willing approach to go the extra mile for customers rubs off on his team and colleagues alike.   Getting massive volumes of board, together with multiple shipments of finishing products, delivered to our large customer base across the length and breadth of the United States on a daily basis, using trucks, across multiple sites, requires a calm, collected and dedicated attitude. Something which Brad demonstrates, each and every day.  

Thank you for being a customer service star Brad. We appreciate you.

Brad Nicholson
Leader, Gypsum US
Customer Service Team
Kustaa Pantin is a member of the Refunds Unit of the New York City Department of Finance.  Although Kustaa has only been with the agency for a few years, his knowledge of refunds has grown tremendously, and he has contributed to the unit in various ways.  On a daily basis, he provides superior customer service to city employees assisting them with their tax questions.  Kustaa always goes the extra mile if needed to ensure that customer issues are resolved expeditiously.  Kustaa has also been a key player in the agency’s implementation of a new business tax system.  Over the last two years, he has worked countless hours on testing and supporting the agency to make a seamless transition to the new system.      

Kustaa is an exemplary employee who demonstrates teamwork, dedication, and commitment to quality service.  Our unit’s successes would not be possible without his contributions and hard work.
Kustaa Pantin
Refunds Unit
NYC Dept Finance
Tamatha Hines is a Senior Case Refund Processor for the Refunds Unit at the NYC Department of Finance.   In her short time with the unit, Tamatha has contributed greatly to the success of our unit.  She processes over 300 property refunds and adjustments monthly.  She assists customers on a daily basis in a professional and courteous manner.  She is an innovator who is always looking for a better way to do things.  She is committed to efficiency and quality service with her creative thinking.  She volunteers to help other areas during peak periods and with special projects.  She is consistently diligent and committed to devoting the time necessary to deliver superior service to the public.  Tamatha inspires others with her enthusiasm and incomparable work ethic.   

Tamatha Hines
Refunds Unit
NYC Dept Finance
Adrienne Jackson is the supervisor for the Property Refunds Group at the NYC Department of Finance.   Adrienne oversees the processing of close to 3,000 property tax refunds, totaling over $25 million, for the City of NY each month.  On a daily basis, she handles many customer inquiries from property owners, attorneys, mortgage companies, and other external stakeholders.  Despite the many responsibilities she juggles, she is patient with customers and takes the time to ensure that the issues are addressed with accuracy and professionalism.  Her dedication to serving the public is demonstrated by her volunteering for a new agency initiative to enhance customer service.  

Adrienne brings a consistently positive approach to her job and demonstrates an excellent understanding of the importance of teamwork by helping her coworkers whenever it is necessary.   Adrienne’s talents and hard work have proved invaluable to the Refunds Unit.  

Adrienne Jackson
Property Refunds
NYC Dept Finance
Richard Fortuna is a Treasury Services Team Lead within Wells Fargo’s Treasury Management Technical Services group.  In a short time as Team Lead, Richard has helped foster a culture of development and teamwork from a deep appreciation of communication, information sharing, and personal coaching.

Richard created training for Client Services that increased first-touch customer resolutions and reduced escalations, as well as facilitated personal one-on-one meetings with teammates to noticeably improve core metrics. He also delivered coaching to Senior Techs to improve their case management and time management skills, reducing case load for some team members by as much as 30%, on top of handling escalated technical issues, training new team members, and the various other Team Lead duties within Tech Services. Richard is an integral asset to Wells Fargo providing an A+ customer experience!
Richard Fortuna
Team Lead
Wells Fargo TM Tech Services Group
Jackson Revolus is the Deputy Director for the Refunds Unit at the NYC Department of Finance.   In his role, Jackson is responsible for the accurate disbursement of hundreds of thousands of refund checks totaling over $900 million annually.   Over the years, Jackson has made significant contributions to enhancing the delivery of refunds to taxpayers, including playing a role in the conversion of certain refunds from paper checks to electronic fund transfer and working with DOF’s technical team to streamline the process for certain refunds. 

Jackson is an industrious worker, demonstrating dedication, loyalty, and enthusiasm—and producing results.  Exceedingly organized and efficient with his time, Jackson is a superb manager who has an unstoppable work ethic.  As a key member of the Refunds Unit leadership team, Jackson has successfully interfaced with all levels of internal management and served as an ambassador of the agency to external stakeholders.  He holds his staff to high standards of quality and production, but he is also an accessible coach who provides training and developmental feedback.  He has also demonstrated his unwavering support for excellent customer service.     

Jackson inspires others in his workplace with his humility, enthusiasm, and dedication to serving customers.   He teaches those he leads and serves others consistently.  

Jackson Revolus
Deputy Director
NYC Dept Finance
Anna Varner works for Securitas Electronic Security and was recognized during a recent customer visit for her dedication, error free work, and excellent customer service on their account. Anna is always available for her customer and from their perspective ‘always gets the job done.’
Anna Varner
Securitas Electronic
Heather Magaha, Senior Vice President and National Client Services Manager for Wells Fargo Treasury Management, sets the bar for excellence. Heather continuously improves systems, pioneers processes, and develops her team to ensure the bank’s most complex customers receive the exceptional service for which Wells Fargo is known. While her experience and professional accomplishments earn respect from all levels of organization, what sets Heather apart as a leader is her passion for guiding others to success. Coaching direct reports, cultivating mentor relationships, sponsoring leadership programs, creating professional development groups, encouraging women in business, and inspiring the next generation of business professionals are all in a day’s work for Heather. She was awarded the Gold trophy for Woman of the Year at the 2016 Stevie Awards for Women in Business, and the department was awarded the Gold trophy for Customer Service Department of the Year at the 2016 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service.

Heather Magaha, SVP Wells Fargo

Sabrina Evans works for Securitas Electronic Security and received major kudos from her handling with a large customer account. Sabrina drives satisfaction with her customer by making them feel that they are her highest priority during every interaction. Sabrina’s customer stated they truly know that she always has their best interest at hand
Sabrina Evans
Securitas Electronic
Elizabeth Spillman is a Treasury Services Team Lead in Wells Fargo’s Treasury Management’s WellsOne® Service Center. Elizabeth is responsible for servicing some of the bank’s largest and most complex relationships, researching customer and colleague questions regarding Treasury Management services, and resolving escalations for clients. As a Treasury Service Associate, Elizabeth developed deep and specific knowledge of over 60 Treasury products and earned two Service Excellence Awards. As a certified Treasury Management Client Delivery Coach, she used her expertise to train Service Associates, and now coaches Client Service Officers on compliance and service opportunities with their dedicated clients. Elizabeth was awarded the Bronze award for Young Customer Service Professional of the Year at the 2016 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service.

Elizabeth Spillman, Team Lead Wells Fargo

Demetria Smith is Vice President and Client Services Manager in Wells Fargo’s Treasury Management Client Service group. She leads a group of Client Services Officers (CSOs), who have assigned portfolios of Commercial Banking customers, in a way that creates an environment of unfailing support in a culture of trust and caring. She delivers exceptionally on everyday goals, like a 25% increase in customer interactions with no increase in staff, while also focusing on long-term goals, such as maintaining a customer satisfaction score of 4.8 out of 5 for over two years and completing 99.8% of service inquiries within the committed timeframe. By creating opportunities for her teammates to exceed what they imagine for themselves, Demetria creates an environment to provide the highest level of service to our customers. Demetria was awarded the Gold trophy for Customer Service Leader of the Year at the 2016 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service.

Demetria Smith, VP Wells Fargo

Jackie Baker works for Securitas Electronic Security and was complimented for her work on a customer account during Hurricane Hermine. Jackie showed concern for her customer’s safety with the customer stating ‘Jackie’s actions are what separates your company from the competition.’

Jackie Baker
Securitas Electronic
Linda Anderson is a seasoned customer service advocate. Linda’s expertise is “behind the scenes” for our Client Services Officers and Management team. Linda’s thorough research capabilities, subject matter expertise, and ability to analyze all situations are traits that are heavily relied upon. She is the “go-to” person for her team, her peers and Leaders.

Linda also ensures that her team is thorough, thoughtful, and proactive. By carefully analyzing and trending customer situations, they take it beyond the correction. They get to root cause and make recommendations to ensure errors don’t re-occur. This may include modifications to instructions, user access, and correcting setups. Whatever it takes to have an A+ Customer Experience, Linda will make it happen.

Thanks to Linda for always going the extra mile and being our Super Star!

Linda Anderson
Wells Fargo

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