National Customer! Service Week - 2017
October 2 - 6, 2017
The ICSA is pleased to announce the Official Theme for National Customer Service Week - 2017!

Join a NCSW Task Force!

Help plan and shape NCSW - 2017!

Here are the Task Forces being formed with a brief explanation of what each will be focusing on…

  • NCSW-2017 Theme & Brand Task Force – This group will work to determine what the Official NCSW-2017 theme will be!

  • Sponsorship Task Force – This group will create meaningful sponsorship opportunities around NCSW-2017 with the goal to create win-win sponsorship programs.

  • Social Media Task Force – From Facebook, to LinkedIn, to Twitter, to Youtube and more, this group will create a social media strategic plan to make NCSW-2017 go viral!

  • Membership Expansion Task Force – NCSW is a great time to become an ICSA Member. This group will build and execute special strategies designed to expand ICSA membership during NCSW!

  • Marketing & Communications Task Force – This group will be subdivided into the following groups:
    • NCSW Blog – working to get industry experts involved via the NCSW Blog!
    • Video’s – working to secure video’s from organizations and individuals with a story to tell about NCSW!
    • Media Tour – working to get NCSW-2017 on all the major news and business media outlets like FoxBusiness, CNBC, Bloomberg Television and more!
    • NCSW Website – working to design the NCSW-2017 website!
As you can see, there are tons of opportunities to get involved in the planning for National Customer Service Week 2017. 
Each Task Force will be led by a Chair or Co-Chairs and will determine for themselves how frequently to meet.  Meetings will be via conference calls with plenty of email support in between.  The idea is to get a good amount of people on each Task Force, which will minimize the amount of time required from any one individual.  These will be fun, exciting, and rewarding opportunities to shape NCSW-2017 and it’s activities!

If you are interested in learning more about one or more of the Task Forces, please send a quick email to and let her know which Task Force has you interested.  If you want to learn more about more than one, just let her know that!  Reaching out is NOT a commitment on your part…it’s just an opportunity to find out more in order to determine if you’d like to participate.

National Customer Service Week

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