National Customer! Service Week - 2017
October 2 - 6, 2017
Planning is getting underway for National Customer Service Week - 2017 and YOU can be a part of that effort!

The ICSA is extneding an invitation to join one of the several NCSW Task Forces being formed!  See below for additional information and to get involved!

Join a NCSW Task Force!

Help plan and shape NCSW - 2017!

Here are the Task Forces being formed with a brief explanation of what each will be focusing on…

  • NCSW-2017 Theme & Brand Task Force – This group will work to determine what the Official NCSW-2017 theme will be!

  • Sponsorship Task Force – This group will create meaningful sponsorship opportunities around NCSW-2017 with the goal to create win-win sponsorship programs.

  • Social Media Task Force – From Facebook, to LinkedIn, to Twitter, to Youtube and more, this group will create a social media strategic plan to make NCSW-2017 go viral!

  • Membership Expansion Task Force – NCSW is a great time to become an ICSA Member. This group will build and execute special strategies designed to expand ICSA membership during NCSW!

  • Marketing & Communications Task Force – This group will be subdivided into the following groups:
    • NCSW Blog – working to get industry experts involved via the NCSW Blog!
    • Video’s – working to secure video’s from organizations and individuals with a story to tell about NCSW!
    • Media Tour – working to get NCSW-2017 on all the major news and business media outlets like FoxBusiness, CNBC, Bloomberg Television and more!
    • NCSW Website – working to design the NCSW-2017 website!
As you can see, there are tons of opportunities to get involved in the planning for National Customer Service Week 2017. 
Each Task Force will be led by a Chair or Co-Chairs and will determine for themselves how frequently to meet.  Meetings will be via conference calls with plenty of email support in between.  The idea is to get a good amount of people on each Task Force, which will minimize the amount of time required from any one individual.  These will be fun, exciting, and rewarding opportunities to shape NCSW-2017 and it’s activities!

If you are interested in learning more about one or more of the Task Forces, please send a quick email to and let her know which Task Force has you interested.  If you want to learn more about more than one, just let her know that!  Reaching out is NOT a commitment on your part…it’s just an opportunity to find out more in order to determine if you’d like to participate.

Happy National Customer Service Week!
Friday, October 7th, 2016
Enjoy this brief and AMAZING tip from ICSA Advisory Councel Member and Best Selling Author, Shep Hyken!

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

Guest Bolg by Bill Gessert, President of the International Customer Service Association

It’s National Customer Service Week and I am doing a little traveling for business.  I am also making certain to wish EVERY service provider that crosses my path a Happy National Customer Service Week!  But something strange and sad is happening.
To this point not one of the customer service professionals I have greeted knew that it was National Customer Service Week.  They didn’t even seem to know it exists!  This includes major brands like Marriott!  How can that be?  How do we change this?  I’ll tell you how!
Today, Thursday of National Customer Service Week make it YOUR personal commitment to wish everyone who serves you a Happy National Customer Service Week!  And if they don’t know about it, take 30 seconds to tell them about it.  Give them the key points:


  • The first full week of October is always National Customer Service Week!

  • It’s a week to celebrate those who serve and to thank them for all they do to create exceptional customer experiences!

  • It recognizes that the only true sustainable advantage businesses have is the service and experiences they provide to their customers!

  • Tell them to go to for all the need to know about this GREAT week! 

      So Happy National Customer Service Week!
         Now, PASS IT ON!

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016
To celebrate National Customer Service Week 2016, the International Customer Service Associatation extends a very special membership offer! Become a member today or through National Customer Service Week and your membership will be good through the remainder of this year and ALL of 2017! 

Membership options include:

Individual (1 Customer Service Professional)
Small Group (5 Customer Service Professionals)
Large Group (10 Customer Service Professionals)
Corporate (Unlimited Customer Service Professionals!)

For more information and to take advantage of this incredible offer, visit the ICSA Membership Section !

Is ICSA Membership right for you? Don't take our word for it.  See what best selling auther Shep Hyken has to say about the value of ICSA Memberhip!

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

How and why does Intuit celebrate National Customer Service Week with its more than 8,000 employees? 
Glad you asked!  In our video gift to you today, Jennifer Hall, Chief Customer Care Officer at Intuit shares not just why Intuit celebrates National Customer Service Week, but also how they do it!  We love the committement Intuit has to providing exceptional customer experiences, end to end! 

All 8,000 of their employees play an imprtant role in manaing the customer experience.  And in this video, make note of how the C-Suite demonstrates their committement by spending time on the front-line of service, by taking a shift on the phone answering calls!  Who knows, the next time you call Intuit Care, you may find your self hearing, "Thank you for calling ntuit care, my name is Brad Smith, how may I help you?"

Thank you Jennifer Hall & Intuit for sharing how and why Intuit celebrates National Customer Service Week! We wish you all the best this week, and all year long!
Monday, October 3 - A Special Message from Shep Hyken
It's Monday, Day 1 of National Customer Service Week!  To kick off NCSW16 we've asked Best Selling Author, Shep Hyken, to provide us with a simple but amaazing exercise for you to do in your organization that will improve the experiences you provide to your customers for the rest of the year!

Just watch this video, and get your whole organization to participate in Shep's exercises!  A GREAT way to kick off National Customer Service Week - 2016!

National Customer Service Week Theme & Logo......

The Official Theme & Logo for 2016 National Customer Service Week is:


 Be sure to mark your calendars to celebrate National Customer Service Week 2016!

NCSW Celebration Guide

Everything you need to plan your celebration!

The Official National Customer Service Week Celebration Guide is now available....and it is FREE! 

Just send us your contact information via email to: and we will gladly send you your Free Official Guide!

In it you will get:

  • The history of National Customer Service Week
  • Celebration suggestions and tips
  • A copy of the Presidential Proclamation establishing National Customer Service Week
  • A draft email suggestion to send to your Executive Leadership to get them involved with the celebrations
  • And much, much more!

So write us today at: to receieve your Official NCSW Celebration Guide!

National Customer Service Week Official Store!

The Official Store for National Customer Service Week is now open and ready to take your orders!  Click here to access the store and to place your orders!  NCSW Official Store!

Salute Your Service Stars!

Providing recognition to your Service Stars is easy!  Just let us know who you want to recognize by sending us their name, picture, and why they are a Service Star to i .  And we will do the rest!

National Customer Service Week

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