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NCSW 2017 - Friday!
A Customer Teaches Us About Customer Service!
Happy Friday! We thought we would wrap up NCSW17 with a view of how to provide great service from the customer's perspecive!   We hope you enjoy and have wonderful NCSW Friday!

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NCSW 2017 - Thursday
Defining "Outstanding" Service
How do you define "outstanding" service?  More importantly, how do you customers define it?

On Thursday of NCSW let's take the mystery out of it and instead turn to what the resarch tells us it is. 

Here are the 10 qualities that consumers say define, outstanding service!
NCSW - Wednesday
Special Gift from the International Customer Sservice Association!
In celebration of National Customer Service Week, the International Customer Service Association extends this special offer to every visitor to this site...
NCSW 2017 - Tuesday
Shep Hyken - ICSA Advisory Board Member
Today, Shep Hyken - Customer Experience expert and best selling author shares some ideas regarding the best way to celebrate National Customer Service Week!
NCSW 2017 - Monday
A video message from ICSA Member Company, Intuit
Enjoy this breif video from Intuit, an ICSA member company, as Chief Care Officer, Jennifer Hall shares what National Customer Service Week means to everyone at Intuit!

Are you ready?
Thoughts from Bill Gessert, ICSA President

I had the opportunity yesterday to sit with Helen Horsham-Bertels, Senior Director of Consumer Affairs with Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. Helen also serves as the volunteer Chair of the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP), serving in a similar role as I do as volunteer President of the International Customer Service Association (ICSA).

Our conversation turned to National Customer Service Week (NCSW) and because we have multiple years working in this wonderful industry we were both enthusiastic as we shared how the organizations we worked for are planning to celebrate next week.  And from there the conversation took an interesting turn.  We found ourselves sharing stories of some of the best experiences either of us have ever encountered as customers ourselves.  It was a delight to listen to positive stories of excellent service.  We smiled, laughed, and both thoroughly enjoyed the conversation.

And I could not help but imagine that our story telling was reflective of the exact reason the leadership of the ICSA launched NCSW 33 years ago.  Next week is a time to reflect upon and celebrate outstanding customer service and experiences and the people who make that happen!

I am proud to be a part of the ICSA, the organization that started NCSW and keeps it alive today!  My personal wish for those of you visiting this site is that next week will be a week of celebration and recognition of the outstanding work your customer service professionals do day in and day out!  I hope next week is the starting point of building a culture that consistently celebrates the providing of exceptional customer experiences.  That is the real intent of NCSW.  Lasting change.  A consistent culture of excellence in customer experience!

Happy National Customer Service Week!
Bill Gessert - ICSA President

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